/ræk+ŋ 4 /

Odds & Ends (2023-) 

Odds & Ends is a collaborative project by Sabina Rak (ræk) and Hei Lam Ng (ŋ4). 

It takes the format of curated packages of paper & word pieces revolving around the (de)construction of definitions. Each package is a one-of-a-kind zine. 

Hei Lam Ng /ŋ 4 / 
I always draw inspirations from language, displacement, abstract spaces and try to translate these concepts into tactile objects that introduce active perception to the viewers. 

Sabina Rak /ræk/ 
In a world already overflowing with printed matter, I am no longer interested in producing new stuff. I just want to play with the texts and images I already possess in great quantities. 

Chapter 1: Confetti